Where are you on the journey to building your soulmate team? 

Maybe you are just starting out, in that you have not hired anyone yet and are wondering whether you actually should…or perhaps you are well on the way and are growing to the point that more resources are needed and you are concerned how getting bigger is going to affect your team dynamics?

I came to realise quite early on… 

……in the growth of my enterprise that, as your business grows, the biggest impediment to its future growth is YOU! 

You, not relinquishing control and letting others who are better equipped to take the appropriate reins doing so, allowing you to return to what you are best at doing. 

When I first started out building my online business, I did everything. I was sending out all of the online messages and responding to them, fixing the click funnels link, editing my own videos, and of course coaching my clients….

And some of the things that I was doing (or attempting to do) I didn't enjoy and I wasn’t particularly skillful at. And very soon..

I literally ran out of steam.

So, I decided to hire a team member. But, you know what? I was terrified. What if I hire someone and I can't afford them? Surely, someone of any use would be quite expensive? What if they weren't that honest or trustworthy and what if they undermined the goodwill that I had built up in the business through pure hard work? 

It was a minefield!

Needless to say, I took the plunge and never looked back. After I started layering up my team for specific needs, I saw that my time was freeing up and the results in my business, especially financially, started massively increasing. 

I do wish that I had someone lay it all out for me in the beginning. To tell me where to hire from, what sort of people to hire, what sort of people not to hire, what the biggest mistakes made when people hire, how to make sure the team is aligned with the vision, how to scale your team…but, I learned it all the hard way.

There are a number of ways to hire a team, what sort of applicants to hire and also the appropriate times and reasons to grow that team and I cover this all off as part of my ‘Building A SoulMate Team’ Programme. 

Take the plunge!

So, after you have hired your first assistant or potentially more, this is the time to commence work on your end big picture vision. A team that grows haphazardly and only in response to reactions and oblique trajectories will not be a cohesive unit.

Remember that regardless of what happens in these initial steps, for you, it is all a learning curve and as such, invaluable for your experience. And, the most important first step is recalibrating yourself to ensure that you know where you are going and the clarity of your goals.

And remember…


…and you can give back as well.

Regan x

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  1. jake

    Love it!! Thanks for the wisdom


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