What is your vision around your lifestyle? 

Have you given this much thought? Or do you move through life accepting what gets dished out to you? What simply turns up…for better or for worse? Do you simply tolerate some lack-lustre aspects of your life because you can't see any other way out?

Trust me there is always a way out…

However, you need to first ask yourself…how does your lifestyle vision affect your movements? What you wear? How do you present yourself? What does your lifestyle look like in relation to what you eat and drink, your nutrition, what are you putting into your body? Where do you choose to live? What are the things that you do for fun? Who do you surround yourself with…who are your friends and are they the best people to have near you? If you are a visual person, do you have a satisfying domestic outlook…or are you just simply ‘settling’ for good enough….or not what you really would like, but it’s what you can afford….?  

Are you constantly ‘making do’ and ‘being okay’ with what you’ve got…or is it time to shift things? How do you want to be seen…and is it different from what you are currently being perceived as..? Now is the time for complete honesty.

Put the magnifying glass over your lifestyle…

Be aware…everything that you do, wear, create, eat and be and mix with, has a vibration. What you are doing in your life and how you are putting it together is a frequency. How you feel generally about your life is a certain frequency.

Now, I’m not advocating that you rush out and max yourself out on designer clothes…but, do be aware that everything that you touch has a vibration attached to it. And that every detail counts and every detail needs to be attended to, so that you resonate with the highest frequency, at all times. It can actually be the simplest of things or experiences that vibrate at the purest, highest level.  What it amounts to is the concept, that you will have heard me refer to a number of times…that you need to always show up as the very best version of yourself. 

The very best version of yourself….

You need to get clear on….. if I am the very best version of myself, then what do I think? How do I present myself? How do I eat, live, move, work and be, as this best version of myself? Who do I mix with? Who are the people that I choose to surround myself with. What do I work at? Is it the best route for my success, wealth and happiness? Or am I settling for safety and security because of my innate fears, that I have never confronted? Am I settling for something that is less than what I really want, in all aspects of my life?

And, most importantly, if I am a sum of all of these parts, then what vibration and frequency am I living into? 

Remember, that your frequency is your currency and it will be how you move forward into your lifestyle vision.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x