How Can Vulnerability Become Leadership?

Vulnerability and Leadership? Aren’t they mutually exclusive? How, if you are going to be a strong, powerful leader that everyone looks up to ….. can you show vulnerability?

You see, the mask of being the perfect leader,

that old concept of being faultless, being always right, being the one where the buck stops and being the leader that is all powerful and all knowing….has now gone, it’s outdated.

You do still see examples of it, especially in some countries’ politics..however, if you look at modern leaders from enlightened countries, you are more likely to find a more contemporary model. Right?

The old representation of leadership is now outdated and guess what..?

Especially on the internet. There was a time where it did work, there was a time where if you go back and look at internet marketing, as it used to be, Facebook and general social media marketing, that it did work. It involved dressing up perfectly and saying all of the perfect things and being represented as being the ‘right’ sort of person. The person that is in complete control of their lives and the person who nothing challenging ever happens to, because they are in perfect control. The person who said… “I'm going to tell you these five things”..and everyone was following the same script. And all of the followers were like “WOW, this is how to do it!” Yet they were all simply following a stale, old prescription. 

Take it from me, this model is antiquated,

a dinosaur of a model, it is outdated and for a contemporary, thinking audience, it doesn’t resonate. So what does work then?

Heart works.

Vulnerability works.

Truth works.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve works.

However, let’s get really clear on one thing…..please don't go and process your entire emotions on the internet! No outpouring of endless, daily emotional challenges, please. That’s not leadership, that’s simply annoying!! But do allow yourself to be honestly vulnerable and do it from a grounded, honest place. Share your learning and share your results around, of course success, but also the failures.

They are the real learning curves and the real lessons for growth.

Illustrate this vulnerability from a grounded place, from a healed place, from an aware place, and from a place of leadership. A place where there is a learned lesson for another.




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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x