Almost every client that I have ever listened to and advised, whether it be for business, spiritual or relationship direction has posed this question. 

Their premise being that either they have tried to change some aspects of their personalities and their lives and found the process daunting, and subsequently failed…or they have forged on with various uncomfortable aspects of their lives, thinking that they are too far immersed and it is all too hard to seek change or alter their circumstances.


….as a blank canvas. A canvas that is full of possibilities. At any stage or time of your life. You can write or depict anything that you want on this canvas and it will manifest into your reality.

I bet you said “If only it was that easy..” What if I could show you that it actually IS that easy?

You see, as we go though…


…we allow others to write on our canvas. And, often, these writings are false realities. They are realities that these people, for whatever their motivations are, wish to project upon us. (That’s a whole other blog! Sometimes they genuinely believe that it is for ‘the best’)  We find ourselves accepting their versions of the truth, their way of seeing the world and their wishes for us.

Often it means that we have to work harder for their goals….not our own. If we accept their versions of ‘the truth’ or reality, then we start to believe that we need to work harder for their approval or we will never be good enough. We take up particular fields of study to give ourselves that ‘nice life’. We vie for careers that we believe will ‘suit’ our talents and that we believe will make us happy. In reality, it is others’ projections, others graffiting on our canvas.


…how many people do you know, old friends, people you studied alongside who worked and worked and then decided that they not only did not enjoy their ‘chosen’ field of study, but they actively disliked it? And how many didn't end up working or practicing in their field of education, or gave it away after a few years and changed tack? Those who confess that they actively don't enjoy what they spend most of their lives doing? There are only a few fortunate people who end up living their work dream, first up.

You need to get yourself to a place where you are only accepting your own versions of the truth and you are working for your own goals and your own reality. Because, you will never find true happiness until you know absolutely what your true purpose is and what your goals are…for yourself.


…is that you are good enough. Yes, you are. You are ENOUGH. And, the life that you desire is not only possible, it can be your reality.

Take command of what happens next……


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x