To truly life the fullest life of your dreams, confidence is required.

This much I know to be true. 

I never considered myself a confident person. In fact, at school, I considered myself the shy, watch from the sidelines sort of individual. The introverted one. Hesitant to put up her hand, even if I knew the answer, for fear of drawing attention to myself…or worse, fear of being wrong!

I grew up telling myself the story, that I just wasn’t a confident person. This was a story that I told myself, nobody else did….in fact I was encouraged by those around me to be more outgoing and assertive…but the story was what I was telling myself…and this fuelled the comfort zone that I had built up around me. I thought that confidence was something that you were either born with, or not. And, I was just one of the ‘nots’.

Then, as I got more into my adult and business life I realised that self-confidence is extremely important when it comes to backing yourself and realising your own pathway, your dreams and your goals.

And, when I did the research and the background work behind confidence, I realised that confidence isn't something that you are born with at all, it is something that YOU choose to be. It is a state of being.

It’s something from that moment onwards that I committed to practicing. 

I see it as a bit  like trying on a new coat….

At first it might not feel like your coat…and feel a bit unnatural and a bit heavy or burdensome…..but you keep persevering, because you like the look of this coat. You wear it for a few days and a bit more often…then gradually, the coat feels familiar…in fact, eventually, it feels like your favourite coat and one that you wouldn't be without. It feels comfy, cosy and made to measure for you….it’s fits!

You start to think ‘This is my coat’. Confidence is just like that. You get to try it out, you get to play with it, you practice it.

My journey to self-confidence has been a long passage of peeling back the layers and making the choice, each and every single day, to choose to be….a more confident version of myself.

And, over the years,

I have developed and refined strategies

To build my confidence and encouraged others to do the same.

Have you struggled with self-confidence in the past? 

What do you plan to do about this important aspect of your personal, career and business growth?

Take command of your self-confidence journey…..


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x