That I Needed….When I Was Lost

I went through a period of my life when I was casting around for answers. Answers to the future of my professional and personal happiness. I was not happy in my study and the direction that I could feel I was being channelled and I was not happy in my personal life. I was lost in the mire of not knowing who I truly was.

I Was Casting Around For Answers…

I was also eaten up with fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointing those who had nurtured and encouraged me and fear of the future. I was frightened that I would ‘settle’ for an ordinary, unfulfilled existence. An existence that I would live to regret. And yet, I was frightened of change. Frightened of taking a fork in the path that would lead me to who knows where. And, I was looking to those around me for answers. 

So, I Searched And Searched….

I was looking for that mentor. That inspirational speaker, that business genius and that ONE person, that guru who would unlock my potential and show me some clarity. Someone who knew the answers and who would give them to me. You see, I was stuck in the ‘follower’ mententality. Something was missing. I was looking past the obvious.

Then, I Could Finally See.

I realised, when I finally took the plunge, to change my professional life and my toxic relationship that I was the answer, I was the solution, and I was what I needed.

I found my own voice. I gained my own platform and I awakened the confidence that was residing there, all the time, within myself.

Now, Don’t Get Me Wrong….

On my journey to where I am now, I have had excellent, valuable and inspirational input from visionary thought leaders and mentors who have assisted in my growth and development, emotionally, spiritually and commercially. They shared their wisdom and I needed that to assist with my passage to now.  BUT, the most important thing that they gave me was the knowledge and the confidence to know and understand that…

I have the solutions inside myself, the solutions to all of my fears and that I have the answers to what I seek within myself. I am enough.

Sometimes We Are In Search Of…

…solutions from others. However, it is important to know and understand that we have to become ourselves first, to be able to give others the tools, the wisdom and the words to help them live the lives that they envision for themselves.

You can be your own role model. And it starts with truly knowing yourself and becoming the inspirational leader that you wish to see in the world. You have the power to inspire, it commences totally with you.

And remember…


Regan x

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    Thank for this reminder


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