Mastering Your Inner Game to Build a Thriving Business

Those of you that follow me will know that I was fortunate enough, when I was initially trying to launch a successful business and failing miserably, to have a trusted mentor who gave me this one piece of advice that catapulted me into success.

Success is on the Inside

He said, “Regan, success is 80% the inner game; it’s 80% your psychology, 80% how you condition yourself to succeed and only 20% the strategy that you do on the outside.”

That’s when I realised that the REAL strategy was the strategy from within. WOW! Was that ever a powerful rung on the ladder for me. Everything else in the action is kind of sprinkled on top of that when it is in alignment.

Give up the Limiting Mindset

It is possible to live a truly abundant life and absolutely have it all if we agree to give up a limiting mindset. We all have self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy and failure…none of us are ever immune to this…the trick is….mastering your inner game.

Entrepreneurs are constantly wanting to achieve new levels, not only financially, but emotionally. They seek more and more, but the journey to that is firstly via your internal mindset.

That's before the products and services and the launch strategy……get the vision first and be super, super clear on what it is you want and what shape it is going to take.

Show up as the Best Version of You

Then, show up each and every day with quality. Engage your tribe. Build trust, person to person and your tribe will grow. Show up with authenticity. View your mistakes and learnings with 20/20 hindsight. It is the only way towards real, actual, clarity. And it is the only way to move forward. They are not mistakes, they are learning opportunities, and you need to use them to empower yourself. It is easy to slip into the “Oh gee….I suck….nobody wanted my amazing idea, my amazing course….” and to feel that you can’t build what you want. That’s where the internal work comes in. Step back, view the situation with clarity and humility and then learn.  Think….“This is what I will do now, because I have learned from that incident.” That’s the strength of the internal mindset. It’s a crucial part of the process.

Mindset is everything. Shrug off limiting behaviour. It’s your capacity to walk through your limiting self-doubt thoughts and behaviours, your capacity to front up and grasp the success that comes from your clarity of your dearly held vision and your capacity truly live into your manifestation. Show up and handle the fear.

Journal your Way to Success

I am a superfan of journaling, it is a pivotal aspect of my mindset. I write out my manifestations in the present, as if they have already happened. I write them as if they are done, in detail. I write them with clarity. Then I evaluate them and think…what is it that is stopping, blocking and limiting me from actually bringing these visions into my everyday reality? One of my mentors once said to me….“Regan, if you have a dream and it is not in your physical reality right now, then there are internal limitations and blocks that are preventing it from being here. That’s the only reason.” That’s when you dig into the fears, the blocks and the sabotage patterns and purge it all out. Then write it out. All of the negative, limiting fears and doubts.

Look at the list and ask yourself  “Do I really want to show up from this place, this vibration?” Then, from a place of awareness, you can repulse those feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness in your conscious reality. Those thoughts that are holding you back.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x