This Is The Time To….Reset, Recalibrate & Rise

How are you feeling?

Gosh……don't we live in interesting times, right now? The world seems all upside down and a less warmer, human place. We are in transition on the planet, right now. How are you feeling? Nervous? Sad? Frightened? Fearful of the future? That life as we know it will change.

I’ve been observing what has been happening and feeling all of it. I’ve been feeling the waves of collective anxiety and fear emanating from people all around the globe. But, you know, the trick, when feeling this way, is not getting lost and consumed by the fear. But, at the same time, being present to it. I have been noticing the hightening and intensity of my associates' feelings.


Be present…

Wake up in the morning and just feel the feelings. They are feelings and responses to events that we, honestly haven’t had much experience in feeling before. You need to shift and recalibrate from the inside out on a personal level in your life and also shift and recalibrate with the planet at the same time. What we are seeing is a global issue that is bonding us all in it’s intensity and we need to use this intensity to recalibrate.

Reset your system…

To assist you with acknowledging these fears and anxieties and recalibrating, I have devised an activation, a tool that I utilize for myself and I realised that this wasn't just for me. It was imperative that I shared it. You can use this recalibration for both yourself and the planet. And, I want you to use it as often as you want and to share it. 

Tool for the everyday…

This is not an activation to just use during times of a global pandemic, but a tool that you can keep, access and use in times of need. It’s a tool that will get you back into a place of calm, centered and truly expansive living. You can have this activation tool for life. Remember, it may be useful for you right now, however, it is available for you to use at any stage in your journey…..crisis time or not. You can even access it and use it each and every day. Use your intuition and remain in touch with your feelings as to when it is the most powerful for you. First thing in the morning or at the end of a tiring day.

Hundreds of people have already accessed the recording of this activation and have gone deep with it. And, it has been so beautiful seeing how so many people have shifted their vibe and recalibrated their emotions.

Just hit the link below for…

Reset, recalibrate and rise

Let me know how you get on with it.





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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x