Still Following the Same People?

You know how it is…..we start off following people on social media platforms and when you are focused on your personal growth and development….of course… grow. We all grow, mature and change as we progress through life, it’s a human ‘thing’ right? Especially as you are upskilling, aspiring to be the best version of yourself and breaking the toxic patterns of the past. It’s a natural progression.

 Breaking ties….

Often, we have to, as we progress with our healing and development, break ties with people who have held us back in our past lives and situations, whether they be mentors, some family members, partners, both business and intimate, and some friends. However, this should also include the people that we once followed and once worshipped. There are so many ‘gurus’ out there. They are preaching inspiration, motivation, teaching their theories around money and spirituality. I used to follow people that I chose in my early development blindly…even when they took paths that I didn't always essentially agree with…. I hung on to their every word, believing that they knew ‘the way’ and that they had all the ideas.

I have changed….

….since those times…… And with this development and growth so have my perceptions of love, life and who I am at my core. And, when I tune into these people from the past’s personal vibrations now, the vibrations of their teachings and their vibrations of living and being…it feels stale and still, and I no longer feel connected.

It doesn't mean that they are wrong! It doesn't mean that their teaching and beliefs are bad, not at all, it just simply means that from the lens of my growth and awareness, it feels outdated. And, actually, in these uncertain times, it feels even more outdated.

Hit the unfollow button.

If someone who you used to admire no longer resonates with you…you have permission to hit the unfollow button….without guilt. When we unfollow, either online or in person, people that we used to admire, it shows our own growth and self-determination. There’s no shame, those people were a part of your consciousness raising and development and a part of your journey. 

They either helped to build the powerful person that you are now or potentially their message doesn't represent where you want to be moving towards anymore.

Consume what is relevant and resonates for you.

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x