Have you ever felt the need to apologise for wanting more out of life?

We often feel the need to apologise for going after what we want. 

Have you wondered where exactly this compulsion to say “Im sorry” for wanting more comes from?

You see, we have been socialised from childhood to hide our light under a bushel, otherwise we are referred to ‘pushy’ or ‘demanding’ or accused of shining just a little too bright. And, often if we are encouraged, we have our routes through life curated by other people.

We hide our dreams, we fear going after the big goals and going after the bigger prizes…because we doubt ourselves. And end up settling for an ‘ordinary’ life, a life that we didn't want and a life that wasn’t our vision, or our dream. Then the ‘What ifs?’ burn inside us…’What if I had gone this way?’ ‘What would have happened?’ So it sets up in us the yearning to apologise for wanting more out of life. Instilling in us a life of regrets, laments and unfulfilled dreams.

Well…….Here is the news….

You do not have to say “I’m sorry” for having a vision. 

You do not have to say “I’m sorry” for doing and achieving what you were born to do, what has been burning brightly internally in you, yet denied, for all of your life.

You do not have to apologise for stepping into the highest version of yourself.

You are allowed to step ashamedly into the reality that you were born to live and achieve!

You have permission from the universe (and me! ) to step confidently into the highest version of yourself. Permission to have a vision for doing what you were born to do….even if it is not the road that was prescribed for you by others……without the need to explain or apologise. 

This is something that you can master, whatever age and stage of your life.

Walk into your dreams.

Manifest what you desire out of YOUR life.

Walk forward with confidence, with your head held high and keep saying ‘YES!’ 

Completely, thoroughly and absolutely unapologetically.

To stand up and get resourced to do the inner work, have a look here…

Ignite with Regan


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x


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