Stop Waiting For The Sign….

We all do it. It’s human nature. You know, when you have an idea, a potential new pathway, some personal development, a change of role, a career pivot….and you say to yourself….

“I’m just waiting for the sign…and then I’ll do it”….

We crave signs and symbols that the universe is smiling on our pathway and then that means that it will all be easy… will materialise in front of you and be everything that you’ve ever wanted…..just waiting for that sign.

Well…. NEWSFLASH! The universe is not out there pulling levers for pass or fail, succeed or crash….it’s not devising complex and understandable by only you ‘signs’ that it’s all go and just the right time for you to blossom.

The universe wants YOU… 

….to step up, say “Heck yeah!” and claim what is rightfully yours.

You know why you are doing this…don't you? It’s the fear of failure. 

You don't want to ‘crash and burn’, ‘fall flat on your face’ or any other saying that we have for not realising our dreams. And it is that fear of failure that keeps us from flying high, going after what we want or achieving that career move, that relationship, that life that we yearn for….

If you are yearning to do something BIG, something life changing, something grand, something that fires up a passion within you….then… 

Go with your gut.

Go with your instinct.

Those are the signs from the universe. Those are the signs to take note of, the signs to take heed of. The signs that are God-given and instinctive to us all. Listen to them.

As well as listening to your gut and your intuition 

….you have to do the grind. You need to take action and it may be uncomfortable, it may take you out of your place of comfort and into a place of uncertainty and pain…but it is the path that is necessary.

Because it is all worth it. You are worth it. You are worthy of happiness, you are worthy of getting everything in life that you desire. 

Instead of asking the universe to send you a sign, ask it to guide you as you embark on this journey towards living into the life that you truly desire.

Because you are the sign

…you are the gut feeling and the intuition that you are waiting for…feel the push and feel the pull of the universe.

So, let’s go and start making your way towards that abundant life, the one that you know is right for you and the one that you have been dreaming of….

And remember…


Regan x


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