The 2% Secret to Success

What is the most important secret for success? 

This is my big reveal for you. 

The rule that literally changed my life. It’s called the 2% rule.

Most people believe that to create success in your life, you've got to go and take massive action, invest hugely and do and create a raft of various ‘big’ things. And, although that can be true sometimes, I’ve found, from experience, that it often doesn't work.

Here’s where the rule of 2% comes in. 

Whatever it is that you are doing or trying to create in your life, you are looking to have some sort of result. Generally, we are looking for a better result than the last time that we tried something. We are looking for improvement, betterment of our situation, be it in our lives or our businesses.

In order to change the results, we have to take some sort of action. Most people stop there, they believe that their actions are enough and they think that that is all that is needed. However, there is another important piece that's critical, if you want to really shift your results. This is called your “Internal Reality”.

So how does this work? 

Let’s say that you are going skiing for the first time. You are about to hit the slopes and then you remember that when you told someone that you were going to try skiing, they said  “Oh, skiing is so hard. I sucked at skiing.” You then think that you may not be any good at skiing too and this belief starts to infect your internal reality. And, whether you are aware of it or not, it affects the actions that you take when you are on the mountain. You don't try that hard because you are already telling yourself that it is hard and that you won't be any good at it. Then, you get even worse results and outcomes.

At this point, you are literally spiralling downwards in a cycle of self-defeat. And, of course, your results confirm your original feelings. So, let's look at this differently. Say that you are going skiing for the first time, but some of the elements are different. You are about to take action and a thought pops into your head…someone told you that ‘skiing was easy and that you would be naturally good at it’….

This internal reality then directly affects the action you take. 

You try hard because you want to fulfill the prophecy. It means that you get a great result. You then say to yourself…’I think I’m a skier! Actually, I’m good at skiing.’ This then affects your internal reality, your internal reality rises and it is reconfirmed, which means you try even harder, you take amazing action and you get an awesome result. All of a sudden you are spiralling upwards, not downwards.

This cycle is always happening, whether you are aware of it or not. You're either spiralling downwards in your life with your results, or you are spiralling upwards. 

The choice is yours. 

If you look at your internal reality and consciously, every single day, choose to shift your internal reality by 2% and you choose to believe in yourself by 2% more, that directly affects the actions you take, which means that you take 2% better action or more actions, which then means the results that you get are at least 2% more powerful.

And….that means……

that one day, you wake up and you realise that you are living the life of your dreams and you have achieved the results that you desire…..all because, every single day you have chosen to shift by 2%.


So remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x