Really? The best decision ever? 

We make tens of thousands of decisions daily, and in fact it is hypothesized that the average person will make 773,618 decisions over a lifetime – and will come to regret 143,262 of them. 

That’s a huge amount of decisions and an awful lot of regret. No wonder that we are constantly second guessing ourselves, questioning our judgement and then, when a decision is perceived, either through circumstance or that niggling second sense that we all have… be the ‘wrong’….(and I don't necessarily like to use that word, as all decisions take us on a path to some sort of knowledge and growth)….one…for our current circumstance, we even undermine and distrust ourselves and our natural ‘gut instinct’ further.

Because we get into the habit of second guessing our decisions and not listening to our raw, primeval gut instincts, we often get led down paths that do not suit our natures, personalities or our talents. Think of how many decisions that we made (or others made for us) that propelled careers, relationships and choices made, that we knew, deep down did not fully sit comfortably with our natures, wants or desires for ourselves and the lives that we yearn to live? How many of us have said, in retrospect “I knew that it was the wrong choice…and look at this mess now…”?


You see, we all have limiting blocks. These blocks are built up over time. They start in childhood when we are told that we ‘can’t’ do this or that, then progress into adulthood, when the system blocks us educationally from having the credits or the pieces of paper to truly investigate what we are passionate about…when the quotas and numbers block us, when the panels and boards turn us down, for whatever reasons and opportunities are denied. It all builds up in us to question our ability to actually do what we are passionate about. We doubt our natural inclinations and abilities and develop a mistrust of what our gut instinct is telling us. How many of us have been heard to say..”If I had my time over again…”?

What if I could tell you that the road to achieving the life that you truly desire, is just one decision away? Would you believe me? Would you trust me?

You see, at any given moment in time, you have a choice. You can make a decision, or you can choose not to make that decision. You can choose that you can’t make that decision. You can choose to say “Oh, it can’t be that easy, I will have to struggle for about a year in order to make that decision.” 

You’ve told yourself for years and heard others say that change is hard. And you genuinely believe that you, as a person, are set in stone and that it will take years for you to believe in yourself and make the changes that you would need to, to live that life that you desire.


You have told yourself the stories for such a long time, and you can either live through your stories or you can start to say “You know, it is kinda ridiculous that I don't believe in myself and if I don't believe in me…who else will?” 

So, you start doing things, making decisions that prove that you actually do believe in yourself….

And, when you consciously decide to back yourself, you start doing things, making positive changes and you start the chain of making  positive, life-changing things happen.

There are many ways and many strategies you can use to clear blocks….however, the first step is to get absolutely clear on what these individual blocks are and the pathways available to you, to start their clearance.

Think about it.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x