The Internet is a Godsend…..

Haven’t we all benefited from the internet? Every day I am reminded to be grateful for the internet. The connection with others that it brings, the ability to run my business from anywhere in the world..and still be in touch with my wonderful clients. And of course, especially in these rare and unusual times of a pandemic, the ability to reach out to my loved ones, that due to current border controls, I am separated from at this moment.

However, there is a dark side to the internet..and it’s not simply incidences of bullying, trolling, verbal abuse or lack of respect for others…it is wayyyy darker than that…

You see, we all think that some of the things that happen in the world are not a part of our reality….mainly because it hasn’t happened to us… or it doesn't happen in our civilised, human rights focused countries…..or there is a perception that it doesn't happen in our ‘nice’ neighbourhood…but you know, there is a sinister, dark underbelly to the internet that can reach out and strike us, our families and our loved ones, especially our children and our teens… any time.

What Are Your Working Conditions Like?

Imagine you have a job and you are asked to meet daily quotas….not so unusual? But what if….you are regularly monitored and expected to work long hours…also not so unusual huh? Many people around the world work like that.

What about….at this job you are not paid directly? And, you don't even know whether you will be paid….that’s not right, is it? How about…in addition, you are managed by an ‘agent’ and you can't control your work, who you are working with, the hours you work and you can only talk to your direct manager, no one else? Plus, you are also not given any sort of protective equipment for the nature of your work…..or allowed any sort of breaks.

Pretty extreme working conditions huh? You’d just walk out right? What if you couldn’t walk out, because you also live onsite and you are not permitted to leave, for any reason. You live behind barbed wire and boarded up windows…..and security cameras everywhere…you are guarded 24/7.

Plus, an added workplace benefit……Your ‘work’ leaves you in danger of being killed or mutilated every single day.

Is This A Career Choice For Your Child?

Of course you wouldn't wish this on your child, or ANY child. Also, this wouldn't happen to your child…or would it? The reality is that every year 8 million children go ‘missing’. They are the victims of the child bride trade, sex trafficing, organ harvesting, slavery and pornography production. They are abducted ‘to order’.

Who is most likely to be a victim of human trafficking?

Everybody and anyone. If you are on line, then you are at risk and most importantly…so are your CHILDREN.

We Must Do Better

Child trafficking occurs all over the world, yes, even in your ‘civilised’ country. Some of the most developed westernised countries have high rates of child trafficking. 

Child trafficking is just like any other industry…Child trafficking is no different… depends on consumer demand. It is only as strong as the appetite and the demand for the ‘goods’.

It is terrifying and feels so hopeless to go up against what is seemingly an invisible monster that is Child Trafficking and most of us would rather not think about this issue….

Shine Your Light…

But! We need to shine a light on this darkness, bring it out into the open and talk about it. That’s the only way we can make everyone aware of what is actually happening. And bring to justice the people who perpetrate these heinous atrocities both with the ‘supply’ of and the ‘users’ of the ‘services’.

The change that you would wish to see in the world…starts with all of us!

Stand up and say out loud that you do not tolerate this anymore and share this blog and this video.

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x


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