The Millionaire Flow Cycle

What’s limiting you from bringing in the amounts of income that you truly desire? Let’s discuss the Millionaire Flow Cycle.

When I work with people at all levels and income production, I often see individuals that have self-limiting blocks. I am able to recognise this because I have been in this place myself.

When I started tapping into the millionaire flow cycle, everything started changing for me. Literally everything! I saw my own areas that were out of balance energetically. I saw patterns that were holding me back, and I was able to move, sort and recalibrate them and get into a place of FLOW.

When I say flow…I mean of course, the showing up each day as my very best self, being super clear on actually what it is that I want and actively manifesting the income that I want to pull in…But I also mean a flow of cash; the cash flow and the abundance that flows in….

Here’s the thing, money is energy.

It moves, flows in and out and isn’t stagnant. When we try and make it sit still we are generally trying to control it and that is fatal for the generation of income. Our cash flow, our money and our abundance is alive. It has movement, energy and pulsation. If we stop this pulsation, or try to stop it, if this pulsation gets out of rhythm, then we sabotage our own best efforts. We are out of flow and we are forcing the situation. It’s not happening naturally.

There is a cycle of giving and receiving, when it comes to your finances. There has got to be a give cycle out and a receive cycle in. Even if you understand that there has to be in and out flow, if you are not practicing it, then you will be out of balance. You will cap yourself and not be able to tap into the next level of abundance.

Often, when this pulsation and flow is out of balance you will experience it in other areas of your life…..Other things will start to get out of kilter. We can look at and play with the flow and the balance when it comes to your money…but guess what? You have the same flow and balance when it comes to love, personal relationships, family……

Each and every aspect of your life has to be in tune and in balance to call in the abundance you desire.

Generally, there are two types of people…..The over-givers…The people who give too much, in every aspect of their lives….The slave-type….

Usually this type of person struggles to increase their receiving…They associate it with guilt and undeservedness…Then there are the people who aren't about giving…They take and take, receive and receive and they struggle with the balance of pulling in more income, as they are out of flow. These are extreme examples however, within the subtleties of personality and life, these are the two basic types.

It’s balance and stability we are after, not pendulum swinging. Let’s be conscious millionaires, naturally. Here are some tricks and tips for becoming conscious millionaires.

Ask yourself honestly, where am I at on the give and receive cycle?

Look at your money and energy and time cycles and work out where you are. Over-giving, over-receiving and pendulum swinging rather than balancing? Then, know where you actually want to be. What pieces need to be worked on in your own field.

Then…there is the why….You won't accelerate your income unless you are clear on the WHY. Why are you actually wanting to increase your income? And then you need to stabilise the flow cycle…..What is the legacy that you want to create? What does giving and receiving at a high level mean to you? What is your purpose around giving and receiving? Lead with your heart. Know what this means and looks like, specifically. This is your legacy as a conscious millionaire. This is what will stabilise your flow.

Now write down a minimum of twenty beliefs around the bigger picture that you perfected above. Start like this….“I choose to believe that………” and remember, a minimum of twenty affirmations, balanced in the centre of the millionaire flow cycle.

Take your limits and counter rewire them, as you align with this.

Then find people who have stabilised their millionaire flow cycle. People who are in a healthy, stabilised millionaire flow cycle….People who are playing how you want to play…..People who are balanced.Find them either in person or by following them on social media. Listen to their trainings. Observe what they do. Absorb their vibration. Do your research, it is not time wasted. Be particular around who is in your field. Start consciously observing and learning.

After, this and when you are really clear on where and what you are doing….you need to start rewiring your layers of impact through humble self-awareness…to make everything shift…..

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x