There is Beauty in Stepping Outside of the Box

Step outside of the box! 

Easier said than done huh? I know what it feels like to want to stay in your comfort zone and do the same thing over and over every day….it's a reassuring thing huh? And it’s easy to do what is expected of you, by others.

I was once headed in a career direction that didn't suit me, that I didn't love…but was expected of me. And it took real guts to step outside of that box and, as I thought, disappoint everyone….everyone who had so much faith in me. And, it would have been the safe option, just to stay in the box.

We are all hiding…

In our comfort zone. We are not living in it. We are wired to keep ourselves safe. Your unconscious mind wants to keep you safe. So you stay in the box. Your unconscious mind throws up negative thoughts all the time……

‘You can’t do that!’ ‘That’s waaaaay too hard.’ ‘What on earth are you thinking?’ 

The box is an illusion of safety.

So, when you choose to step outside of the box that you and others have created for yourself, it is going to be uncomfortable…..but, it can be in a beautiful way.

You can’t leap forward….

When you are standing still in your comfort zone, and you choose to take that leap, just know…..that people are going to question you. They are going to question your motives and there are some people who are actually going to ask you whether you have lost your mind.

People are going to attempt to pull you back. You see, they want your company still with them alongside in their box. And, even your own self-doubt in your own mind is going to attempt to keep you still. Why? Because it’s safe. 

But, when we choose….

To jump, to override the negative, self-defeating thoughts and overcome the limitations, the self-doubt, the people and their ‘noise’ telling you that you can’t do it, then you realise… realise that you hold the key. The key to unlocking the life that you really desire and the reality that you want to live in. The key to the life that you will be madly in love with and the life that you know you were born to live. 

But, none of this will happen….

If you are standing still. When you step outside of the box you are walking towards your truth. It’s not crazy, it’s courageous. 

You need to gather the courage and the conviction to boldly, walk forward into the life that you were destined to live. Remember, you hold the key to unlocking the life you were destined to live.

It is outside of the box, that you will find who you truly are.



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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x