Now, I Am Not One For Knocking People Who Work Hard…..

There are people who work insane hours, people who sacrifice everything in the pursuit of success, wealth and self-satisfaction, and people who are defined by their work and the prestige attached to their work roles. Their high pressure roles are often accompanied by high stress and associated illnesses.

These are sincere people who genuinely believe that what they are ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’ is for the best, for the good of their families and for the achievement of a ‘good and worthy’ life. A life that comes with all of the choices and trappings of that ‘good’ life. 

And, I have to hand it to them…they do get results. However, this group of people do tend to exist to pay a few bills and die. And, they often die with the regret that they didn't achieve a few personal milestones because they had to ‘work’.  

There Is a ‘Knowingness’ About Them…..

But..on the other hand…..there are those people who get results on an equally high level…and, when you observe them going about their achievements, you can observe that they have a ‘knowingness’ about them. Sure, they work hard, and they get results and they certainly do take aligned action, each and every single day…but there is also this ‘thing’ that I like to call ‘knowingness’ about this distinct other group. What do I mean by that? A ‘knowingness’ that is a noticeable calmness about them. 

This Is The Biggest Thing.

And, what has been coming up over and over again, when I have been chatting to a lot of successful people, is the talk about ….The Shift…

This is the shift from going about expending energy and all of the pressure, the rushing from place to place into the sweet zone of being able to say “Of course I’m going to achieve it all”.

And also into that sweet zone of “Why would I work so hard when I can actually trust and know and believe that it is all going to happen? And…… actually happening for a purpose.” This is what I call…The Shift…. Or The New Level……

That’s How They Shift Into The Zone….Or The New Level…

To shift into this zone requires a positive and intentional mindset shift. It requires the ability to stop, pause and devise the skillset that serves you best. Trusting in the affirmative mindset that you have grown cultivated and nurtured.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x