Unleashing into Abundance

How do you disrupt your reality and unleash into abundance in every facet of your life?

How do you cultivate that millionaire mindset?

You have to ask yourself….what are you calling in? Are you absolutely clear on your vision? If your vision showed up today, right now…what would it look like?

What really IS your big picture reality?

Before you can call in abundance you have to be super clear on what it is you want.

Take a moment to really focus on what it is exactly that you want?

In what area or areas of your life does this vision impact the most?

Relationships? Health? Money? Work? Friendships? All of it need a polish up? Whatever it is….just be SUPER clear on it.

When you are really clear on your vision, then ask yourself……….What do YOU look like in this vision? How do you walk? How do you talk? What exactly does this version of you do?

What actions does this higher vision version of you take?

Get your mind totally clear around your role, your identity, and your aligned actions in this BIG-picture vision.

Ask yourself……what part of you is shifting and accelerating into your vision?

Ask yourself….Is this the highest version of you?

Go over and over the vision and your identity in it until this version of you shows up as a default.

So, when you’ve got your VISION crystal clear in your mind, and you have your IDENTITY well and truly accelerating into this vision…then it’s time for more work!

YES! Now you need to check out your belief system.

Those old limiting beliefs that are entrenched in your subconscious mind…you know them…

‘I can’t……’.  ‘I won’t be able to….’.  ‘What if I fail?’ Those old beliefs about yourself that were either given to you by others or you unconsciously learned in your past life.

You need to kick those aside because abundance won’t show up if you are manifesting limiting beliefs. Rid yourself of those blocks and limitations because….

Beliefs create actions and actions create results

…..and you’ll you start to cycle…and you’ll diminish your actions and spiral downward.

What if you could use the…..beliefs create actions and actions create results cycle to………cycle upwards?

Upwards into your big picture vision, that best version of you and your manifestation into abundance in every facet of your life! Oh yeah!

But, you have to show up as the best version of you. You have to do the internal work. You must have clarity around your vision (what it is exactly that you want) and clarity around your self-identity (the highest version of you and how this version of yourself is going to take aligned action). Throw off self-limiting beliefs and charge into manifesting an external reality of abundance.

And remember….You absolutely CAN have it all.

Oh yeah!

Regan x