We Are Still Creators of Our Own Reality

Chaos and Calamity…?

This is a time, now, when the world seems to be in chaos and many of us are feeling that everything is out of our control. Everything seems to be outside of our ability to manage, guide and effect any change for ourselves. We are captive in our countries and in our personal domains. Just awaiting the call of freedom. Freedom to return to the lives we had sculpted for ourselves, freedom to return to the pursuit of our dreams. Dreams that seem to have been shattered….overnight…and seemingly are never to return in the same way from the time that we entered into this period of uncertainty.

You are the Creator of Your Own Reality.

For some people this has been deeply unsettling. Suddenly, they feel that their autonomy has been taken away from them, however, we must remember that even in these times of chaos, that we are still the creators of our own reality.

Yes, we are still the creators of our own reality. Not the victim of the current circumstance. It is very easy, when the world seems to be exploding around you, to forget your magic. To forget that you are here and everything is unfolding in perfect, divine order and it is how you relate to what is happening and how you take charge of what is happening that really matters. Rather than seeing yourself as a ship tossed on stormy waters, rudderless and out of control, at the mercy of the mean, unfair elements.

Remember Your Magic.

Every thought, every breath, every move that you make, every step that you take…all of this counts…right now. So, you need to recalibrate yourself back into your centre. Back to the place that prior to this chaos you were occupying. Back into your grounding, back into the clarity of your vision. 

Clear out the negative vibrations, the anxiety, the doubt and the worry. But, to do that, you need to be super clear on your vision, because if you’re not clear on what it is that you really want and where you’re going, then your system doesn't have a reason why. It doesn't have a potent, powerful reason as to why it should clear. As to why it should upgrade.

You must have absolute clarity of your vision and be committed to accessing your inner magic, to move forward with purpose and resolute pursuit of your vision.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x