What Do You Do When You Have Negative Thoughts?

Negative thoughts…we all have them…

Yes! Even me…….I suffer from a constant stream of negative thoughts rattling through my brain….every day. Believe it, I do.

Negative thoughts can be a little as, ‘Gosh, I didn't do that very well…did I?’  Right through to the fully blown imposter syndrome. You know what that is, when your brain throws up random thoughts such as ‘ Gee, I really am out of my depth here, everyone is so much smarter…..better connected….on to it …clever than me, more talented than me…and really soon they are going to find out about me….and kick me off the team…out of the group…fire me….’

So, we all have negative thoughts, because we are human.

Sometimes, these not-the-most- helpful thoughts just pop into your head and you seem to have no control over them. If someone tells you that they never have negative thoughts…they are most likely not being truthful to you.

We tend to think that people who we perceive to appear to ‘have it all’ and people who seem to be in charge of their destinies wouldn't have these thoughts….they seem to be way more in control than the rest of us. This simply isn't true. Even the most super together, super focused and super aware people have negative thoughts.

And, please note, right here that, there is no shame in having negative thoughts….

However, there are ways that we can manage them. There are coping strategies and management techniques that you can employ.

One of the simple techniques that I employ is……..when these negative thoughts come up, I simply catch them and I tag them. When I catch them and I say “Oh, that’s not a very nice thing to say about myself.” And, then I ask myself the question ….“Oh oh, okay…..why am I telling myself that?” I catch that thought, I tag it and I see it for what it actually is……..then, from that place of awareness, I ask myself “What do I now choose to believe that is different from what just got thrown up?” “What do I now choose to believe about myself?”.

I start re-coding the thought.

Instead of panicking and allowing my brain to run away with the thought and magnify it and have me saying ‘Oh my God! I’m not enough’…… I start telling myself that I believe that I am enough right now. Then, I keep going on reconditioning my mind to succeed until the negative thoughts around the event or the work that I am doing start to easily drop away and the positive thoughts take their place.

It’s a simple technique that is easily employed wherever you are, and as you practice this more and more, it becomes easier and easier. Just remember that the language and the structure around seeing off the negative thoughts is “What do I choose to believe is different?” “What do I choose to believe about myself that is different?”

Remember, catch, tag, re-code and keep moving on with reconditioning your mind.


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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x