What Does Being Fearless Mean?

Is it walking away from a job that no longer brings you any joy? Is it walking away from a job that isn't in alignment with your mission in life for yourself? Is it telling your partner that you are no longer invested in the relationship? Is it walking away from the wrong people? The people that are not good for you and who bring you down rather than elevating you. People who don't contribute or support your ambitions or contribute to your highest good. Is it leaving the room when there’s ‘stuff’ happening that doesn’t fit your values, beliefs and ideals? Is it conquering those deeply held negative beliefs and opinions that you hold about yourself? Beliefs that may have been imposed and stencilled upon you from childhood…..by others.

It’s unique…to each of us

Being fearless means something unique to everyone. And, there is something BIG at stake in all of these circumstances. And, yes, you got it…YOU and your happiness.

Imagine that you’re driving a car

You are focussed on your vision, your dream and the life that you know you were meant to lead and that you know you were put here to live in to…..

And, you are driving closer and closer to the dream..and all of a sudden..you look in the rear view mirror….and you notice that FEAR is in the back seat!

Your hands start sweating and you feel fear grab you by the neck, whilst you are trying to concentrate…you get distracted by fear……it disables you…..and then you realise, you are at a choice point…..

You can choose to get out of the car….to say “You know what? This is too hard, I can’t do it. Don't worry about the dream, I’ll do it another day, another time. Don't worry about the goal, the vision…I’m getting out of the car.”

You have the choice

Or….you can continue driving…turn around and say “ Fear, I know you are there, fear I know you are just trying to keep me safe…you are just trying to keep me in my comfort zone…Thank You….BUT, I am the driver of this car, and you need to be in the back seat, because we are going after this dream…RIGHT NOW!”

When you don't pay attention, your fears steer you in the wrong direction. If you let them drive, they’ll park you back in the same garage…with all of the same stuff surrounding you that always held you back.

It’s not about being completely fearless in life, it’s not about completely ignoring all safety in all situations…..It’s all about are you able to dance with your fears? Are you able to play with the fears and move forward despite the fears?

Learn to dance with FEAR

Fear is there to keep you safe…but, if you can tap into it and use it, it can actually drive you forward, into the life of your dreams in an even faster way. I’ve dealt with fear all my life and I am still learning to dance with it, each and every single day.

The Choice is YOURS!

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x