What Type of Person Are You?

Only Three Types…?

From my experience of working with a diverse range of clients in my business, I have observed that there are basically three types of people in this world. Yes, just three.

So which one of these people are you? And what does that mean for you?

The first type of person is called the Stressor. 

The Stressor is determined. The Stressor wants to get to their goal. They commence taking action. Straightaway. They start moving towards their goal and telling themselves that “ Yeah, yeah, I’m getting closer!”  Then, at some point, they hit what we call….a plateau. So what do they do in order to move off the plateau? They stress out. They literally go….”OMG! How do I do this? What’s the best way?” And, they end up running in ever diminishing circles and achieving ….nothing. They remain plateaued…until they finally, eventually, start moving again. And, it is interesting to note that they’re working really hard. And, then eventually, they hit another plateau…and they repeat the pattern and continue to stress out. The good thing about the stressor is that they have a lot of perseverance, and they do eventually achieve their goal. However, if you are a Stressor and you are seeing this pattern, then you need to ask yourself……is this the most sustainable way to live your life?

The second type of person is called the Dabbler. 

So, just like everyone else, the dabbler takes massive action and sets off on the quest and, of course, hits the plateau. Now the dabbler does something different to the Stressor…the Dabbler gives up. The Dabbler tells themself that this is not successful and not for them. “That’s just not my thing”. And so they start something new….and repeat the process. The sad thing about the Dabbler is that they don't ever achieve their goals, because they are constantly starting and stopping something in the hope that this will be their “Thing”. 

Then, there is the third type of person……

This person is the Achiever. And, this person does something quite different from the Stressor and the Dabbler. So, the Achiever starts off and like the Stressor and the Dabbler, they reach a plateau. What is different about the Achiever is that they don't stress out at this point and they definitely don't give up. The Achiever stops. Completely. And, they reconnect with why they wanted to get to the goal, in the first place. They use the plateau period to reconnect. The Achiever finds someone who has gone through this period and gets some mentoring. They take the lessons that their Coach has learned and get the tools and skills necessary to continue growing….towards the goal. Then they repeat the process….towards their goal.

The difference between the Achiever and the other types of people is that the achiever follows in the footsteps of the people, the Mentors and Coaches, who have been there before.

However, be assured that people are not necessarily their behaviour, and you have a choice as to which of the type of person you choose to become.




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