What do you do when your hopes and dreams are lost? You have put so much into your goals and desires. You had aspirations. You felt that your life was stable and you had a pathway through to your future. Your future that you had visualized, your future that you thought was secure and mapped out. And now there is a supreme feeling of loss and deprivation…. 

It would seem that life has conspired against you…what do you do?

“Count your blessings”…. people say…..“There are other people worse off than you”…. “There will be something / someone better just around the corner…” 

But can you see around that corner? Thinking about that doesn’t make the sense of loss and grief any less…it was what you wanted…you believed in it and now it is no more. It’s hard. And the temptation to ‘wallow’ in your grief and loss is tempting.

Where to now? 

How do you, like the phoenix, rise from the ashes? How close are you to actual depression? Will this grief recede? Will you feel better and move on? Is it proper to grieve simply not getting your own way? What to do for the best?

It’s a process. And a part of that process is letting go and recalibrating yourself.

You see, you have the choice to run and hide, curl up in a ball and tell the world to “go away” or….you have the choice to stand and fight and also….turn this experience into a growth opportunity.

When you are open to receiving life lessons, the chaos, the trauma and the fickleness that the fates serve up to you, then you have won and you are on the road to standing up and claiming your life back and taking ownership of your personal power.

So…here’s how you can move forward from that space……

Firstly ask yourself…are you deserving and worthy of an abundant life? Or….is your life’s destiny planned and paved out?  Of course you are deserving, the universe doesn't want you to be deprived of what you truly desire.

So, is it possible to take control of the attraction process, so that you attract what you want out of life?

The answer is Yes….yes….yes….

I believe that anyone can create a life that they love…..regardless of where they are, right now.

You see, abundance is a mindset. But, it does require work and dedication to your vision. The one vital key to attracting abundance in each and every area of your life is remembering that abundance is your natural state. 

You are unique. You are different. 

You are powerful and until you truly recognise how truly abundant for the inside out, then you won't be able to manifest abundance externally. You have to show up as the best version of you. Show up, do the work….but first, get super clear on your vision.

What drives you? What do you deeply desire? What is your dream? That vision that comes straight from your heart and from your soul.

Be unapologetic with what you are asking for…..Then take the steps to call it in.

I love you

And remember…



…and you can give back as well.


Regan x

Regan x


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    Thanks for this wonderful blog Ms. REGAN I absolutely love it God bless you always…

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