When You Are Tired of Hiding…..

We all wear, and have worn, many different masks in our lives.

Some of us hide behind a perfect mask of being happy at all times. Some of us hide behind a mask of being indifferent…..growing a shell that nothing can hurt or upset us…as if we are not there. Some of us hide behind an external mask of wanting everyone to see us in a particular way. 


The sad thing is that some of us never take the mask off. We use these masks to shield these parts of ourselves that we are hoping that other people won't notice…because……we are often not willing to notice them within ourselves.


We end up believing that we need these masks to protect ourselves.

You see, the core reason that we even have these masks and feel that we need them is to create the perception that we are secure, we are happy, we are functioning, successful human beings…..


Yet….the only reason that we have created the mask in the first place….is because we are deeply insecure about some of these elements in our lives and we don't actually want other people to know this about ourselves.


Sometimes….we get so used to wearing these masks, that we even forget ourselves how to take them off….


You see, when we are wearing these masks, we are trying to cover all of our insecurities….so the world won't see us for what we actually are….because, we think that we are flawed, not perfect people. And, we believe that, if others see these aspects of ourselves, they will think we are ‘lesser’ or not worthy.


But….actually….the BRILLIANT thing is…….that our insecurities are what make us wonderfully human. Our insecurities are these pieces of ourselves that are so raw, so vulnerable that are so special and unique to you, and your mission and your purpose and the truth of who you are. So when we are wearing these masks to hide all of our insecurities, the sad thing is that we are not actually hiding them….what we are doing is locking them further within ourselves.


Then, we are suffering, we are at the mercy of our own insecurities …

Each and every day with the whispers of fear, the whispers of doubt, the whispers of ‘I am not enough’…and being trapped on our being. Every single day that we put on this mask, that we throw away the key and we forget that this mask is on…..is when we really need to start grabbing the mask and dropping it down!


You don't have to struggle and suffer with these masks yourself…there is another way….


If we give other people the key to the masks, so that they are able to unlock the masks and have them drop away, and actually, vulnerably show other people…who you really are, then all of a sudden that masks start to drop away…and you start not only accepting yourself for the truth of who you are, but being accepted by others that love you and care for you.


When we expose these insecurities, we stop giving them a voice and then….

The mask automatically starts to drop. For too long, we have told ourselves the story that the mask we have been wearing is more powerful than us, more beautiful than us, more desirable than us, more interesting than us.


When really, the mask that we have been wearing on the outside will never stack up to the true beauty that is underneath….


So, I challenge you, to take the mask off, weaken its power and let the world see who you truly are.


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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x