And weaker …right now….and there’s a culprit and a reason behind this. 

Would you sit down and eat a credit card as a snack? And before you think…’Yeah, yeah, credit card debt……’

No, this is not about money or your finances.

On average, you consume a whole credit card worth of plastic each and every week. That seems hard to believe huh? A whole credit card. Just imagine eating a credit card…Doesn't bear thinking about huh?

In one month, the amount of plastic that you are consuming adds up to 5 casino dice…..

In six months, that is enough plastic to fill a cereal bowl.

Before you know it, in ten years time, you will have eaten in excess of 2.5 kilograms of plastic. 


It is in the air that you breathe. It is in the water that you drink and in the food that you consume.

The culprit is……..microplastics. Little crumbs of plastic that are about 5 millimetres in length, about the size of a sesame seed. They are everywhere, we are literally drowning in plastic.

When we throw plastic in our oceans, it doesn't decompose, it just erodes and gets small enough for fish to ingest and then it ends up in their and our food chain.

It becomes small enough to bypass a filtration system, small enough to become microscopic…until it invades all of our products, the air we breathe, our food chain, our lungs and the air that we breathe. 

And, sure, it might only be a credit card worth of plastic here in 2020…but this problem is only getting worse.

Instead of finding a problem to this issue…..there are many powerful agencies that are attempting to deflect you from asking this one question….

‘Will this piece of plastic kill me?’

We are kidding ourselves if we think that we can get away with this forever and forever….

However there are some personal, everyday steps that you can take to minimise the daily effect of plastics in our environment and force change….


What you can do is pay attention to what you can do for positive change…right now.

  1. Reduce or eliminate your single use plastics. Look for re-usable and recyclable items.
  2. Take your own cloth bags to the grocery store. Say NO to supermarket convenience plastic bags.
  3. Say NO to plastic eating utensils when getting take out food. Support those outlets that use bamboo or recyclable utensils.
  4. Purchase only products that do not contain microbeads, especially when shopping for cosmetics and shampoos.
  5. Get educated. Read the content list of personal care products and home hygiene products and if in doubt, don't purchase, buy another brand that does state clearly what is in the container.

There is nothing more important than spreading the word that you will not support or tolerate brands that are slowly poisoning our planet. The planet that shortly will become unrecognisable to us.

Together, we can create healthier bodies and a healthier planet to pass on to future generations.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x